Welcome to Ohio History & Travel!

I’m Watching Seasons, author of Seasons Flow, a blog about nature in the state of Ohio. I’ve always been interested in history as well, and gradually I found history posts slipping into my nature blog. I finally decided to make a separate blog focusing on Ohio history and travel, and here it is!

A driving force behind this blog is the idea that you can find all sorts of fascinating places and stories near to where you live. Sure, it’s great to travel to far locations that everyone knows about, but you’d be surprised at how much you can find within a couple hours’ drive.

Followers of Seasons Flow will find some old posts here that appeared there. Don’t worry, I’m starting off with a new post and will add more content, most likely on a quarterly basis. Here’s my planned posting schedule:

January 15th (winter)

April 15th (spring)

July 15th (summer)

October 15th (autumn)

On a more personal note, my name is Tracy, and I’m a retired guy in Ohio that finally has the time to pursue my interests- nature, history, travel and photography being high on the list. I also am an avid reader and enjoy video games. I’m never at a loss for things to do- hence this second blog.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I did visiting all of the places I post about.

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